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With the opening of Ladakh to tourists, the "ANTELOPE" group began with a small yet world class guest house named the 'Antelope Guest House'. Subsequently with the aim of serving the varied needs of its clientele, we started its travel section the "Antelope Tours & Travel'. Equipped with specially trained local guides, cooks, mountaineers, and other para-staff ANTELOPE came to be recognised as one of the best tour operators. Since then it has been serving the visiting tourist and are continuing to do so with its experience and lots of recommendation and encouragement from its handled clients.

In 2008, keeping up with our promise of providing a superior service, a deluxe hotel 'Hotel New Antelope' was opened for our esteemed clients, offering the best in class hospitality and international standard in service and catering.

We are very happy to have this website, so that we can have this little world of Ladakh and our operations, known better by the interested visitors. We love and thrive on feedback and constructive criticism, please do not hesitate to contact us with your suggestions and requirements.