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Welcome to Ladakh

'LADAKH', to the north of India, in the J & K State, has been referred to by many names like 'The Broken Moon land', 'The Land of Lamas & Monasteries', 'Little Tibet', 'Rooftop of the World', because no single name can essentially capture the essence of this mystical land. Ladakh is a perfect, unique, adventurous, and beautiful example of nature's gift to man. Lying between the great Himalayas in the south & the Karakoram mountain peaks to the north Ladkh truly signifies wilderness and adventure. 
Being an abode of rivers like Indus, Shyok, Siachen, and shimmering lakes like Tsomoriri, Pangong, Tsokar, with abundant wildlife, it has increasingly attracted tourists for over two decades. It's still preserved ancient ways and culture is dominated by Buddhist traditions in the Leh district and Muslim way of living in Kargil. Ladakh in addition has many other races like the Mongolian, Aryans, Brokpas, and Nomads all living peacefully together in this land of bliss.           

In the past Ladakh used to be ruled independently by its kings of which the Namgyal dynasty is the most famous, later after the invasion of Dogras from Jammu, it was ruled by Gulab Singh. Then came a powerful ruler, the British and subsequently it was incorporated with the J & K state of India after India's independence.
Ladakh was opened for tourists in late 1970's, and since then it has grown manifold in its hospitality and development of International  and National tourism.The summer season from June - September is the best season to visit Ladakh.

Discover Ladakh and in the process discover yourself. With Antelope tour and travels when you tour Ladakh we give you not only today but an experience of three decades. Antelope like the name represents the feral spirit, wilderness and adventure of Ladakh. Take our prefab Tours, Treks or create a custom tour of your liking.

 Welcome to Ladakh!!! 


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